Sunday, April 29, 2012

Group 2: Making a Meal and More!

Students from Ms. Lirenman, Canada, Mrs. Kaput, USA, and Mrs. Phi's classrooms, Hong Kong, have prepared meals to share with their group.  First the original classroom creates a type of video/slideshow with a recipe for the two other classrooms to make as well.

Our culminating video!

Here are the original videos for the other classrooms to watch, learn, and create:

Original Recipes:

Mrs. Kaput's class making applesauce:

Ms. Lirenman's class making GimBap:

Ms. Lirenman's class making Worms and Dirt:

Ms. Lirenman's Class Making Adobo

Ms. Lirenman's Class Making Sri Lanka Coconut Toffee

Ms. Lirenman's Class Making Iraq Baclava with Cream

Ms. Lirenman's Class Making Crepes

Mrs. Kaput's Class Making Salsa:

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