Monday, March 19, 2012

Group 3: Florida Handshake

Recently, our school received the honor of being selected as one of 40 schools worldwide to participate in a Flat Classroom project for students in grades K-2 entitled “Building Bridges to Tomorrow.”  Flat Classroom Projects are innovative, web-based projects that transform learning through global collaboration.  Schools worldwide are partnered and assigned a topic.  We have been assigned to school partners from Hong Kong (Kindergarten), Turkey (4-year-old class) and Minnesota (Kindergarten).  With our group, we will develop “My Day at School:  A View from the Window.”  Together, our students from 1st grade and Kindergarten will work with students from across the globe to design and create a digital project using Web 2.0 tools over the next eight weeks.  At the end of the project period, projects are published online and the schools celebrate together “digitally!” Our Voicethread "video" is a sample of our first step, called the "Handshake" activity.

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